Insane Swimwear

Wild swimwear designs for men.

Are you ready to make the biggest swimwear change of your life? Let us help and guide you to the hottest swimwear fashions on the planet!

Insane swimwear designs for men include hot micro bikinis, thongs, pouch only swimsuits, G-strings, Male to female transformation designs along with micro shorts, Daisy Duke style men's swimwear and other extreme styles. Insane swimwear is on of the most fun and exciting trends in all of men's clothing. Men are now able to show some skin. show off a bulge or even show off their feminine side which is a far change from having a choice of wearing a Speedo or a pair of Surf Shorts. Speedo swimsuit used to be considered bikinis but have been reclassified as briefs. Bikinis for men are every bit as small and smaller than what the girls are wearing! There is a wonderful new feeling of freedom in men's swimwear design, like anything you can imagine can come true. When it comes to men's swimwear fashion this is the golden age of change.

Insane swimwear includes many different styles and in each style there are sub-styles. Take for instance men's bikini swimwear. There are string bikinis, bulge bikinis, micro bikinis, ultra micro barely there bikinis, sheer bikinis, male enlargement bikini designs, Brazilian bikinis, semi sheer bikinis, high cut bikinis, low cut bikinis and the list goes on with new styles added all the time. Insane swimwear indeed but insanely fun too.

Koala Men's Swimwear Bikini

Extreme bikinis, thongs, G-strings Bulge pouch suits, micro shorts, male to female transformation designs and other wild/sexy swimwear for men.

So many insane swimwear styles for men but it is easier now than ever to get them! it used to be that trying to find sexy men's swimwear was next to impossible. Your choices were to try to find them at a department store...good luck or have one custom made which cost a fortune. Now the center of the insane swimwear universe is the USA, you might be surprised by that fact. Most people would guess it would be Europe and at one time it was but now the finest most extreme swimsuits for men are made in the USA and shipped all over the world.

In my opinion there are many exciting new trends happing with insane swimwear designs and none of them are more exciting than the male to female transformation style swimsuits including bikinis, short shorts, thongs and even G-strings. These suits let men get completely in touch with their feminine side. They repackage the penis in to the shape and size of a lovely little vagina. Many Transgendered people are using them but they have also been extremely popular with gay and straight men who are interested in experimenting with femininity. I can tell you from my own experience that the feeling you get wearing these insane swimwear styles is unlike anything else. Visually you are totally female down there.

Penis shaped pouches are some of the hottest and yes most insane styles around. You might be surprised to learn how comfortable they are to wear and needless to say they are hard core attention getters. Many of these designs feature built in cock rings to keep the pouch nice and full. Don't worry if this pouch looks way to big for your little guy there are a number of micro penis shaped pouches that show off your gear no matter how small you are.

Insane Swimwear